XRecorder is an Android screen recording app that can record any video you see on your phone, even if you don’t have the authorization to download it. You may record your screen and snap screenshots of any video that is now playing on your computer or mobile device using this app. The most recent version of this software is Xrecorder, which was released on May 30th, 2021.

XRecorder is now free to download and is one of the top ten screen recorder apps for Android. You can acquire it through Google Play or, or from the Google Play store if you have Android 5.0 or higher.


XRecorder allows you to record everything that happens on the screen of your Android device, it also records the sounds that are played throughout the movie. The software allows you to alter a variety of recording parameters, allowing you the freedom to choose what kind of recording you want in the end.

XRecorder records high-definition video and audio from the screen. You can record games, demos, or instructional films and then upload them to YouTube for your friends and followers to watch!

Aside from that, you have the option of selecting a recording mode: “Window” or “Fullscreen” if none is provided, records what is currently open. “Region” keeps track of what’s on the screen right now;

“Screen Recording” does not capture Gamer Footage, only Screen + Audio; XRecorder allows for long recordings.

Features of XRecorder

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No time restrictions in XRecorder

You will never be requested to upgrade if you wish to remain using XRecorder after purchasing the pro version. Every purchase of the app comes with a lifetime license. We have no plans to slow down our app development as a small group of enthusiasts aiming to create a world-class application.

Video Capture from the Front and Rear Cameras

Only smartphones running Android 4.0 or higher are currently supported due to the use of HW+ for screen recording. For the first time, you can use both the front and rear cameras to record a movie.

Video Editing/Trimming Made Simple & Complete

If your video is greater than 2GB, you can break it into segments using XRecorder’s built-in editor and edit each segment separately before reassembling the segments into a single recording.

Effortless picture and video fidelity

XRecorder uses the same technique as professional video capture equipment to record movies without resampling or scaling. On a TV screen, you’ll be able to watch and listen to your recordings in lossless resolution!

Pause/resume recording button

Whatever occurs, simply press this button to put the camera in standby mode for the time being (or for as long as you want it to last) so you may try again later!

The battery isn’t being drained as much as it could be.

XRecorder was created with the goal of being as energy-efficient as feasible while maintaining high-end capability. When there appears to be a power-related problem, XRecorder’s options page should be double-checked to confirm that “background” recording is not enabled (such as the device overheating).

It’s never been easier to share videos on the internet.

Cables and USB connections are no longer a hindrance. To share something, simply open XRecorder, select the image or video you want to share, and then choose the destination you want to share it to. If you want, you can use the “Share” option on any screen in the app.

There are a variety of video codecs that can be employed.

You can use one of three video codecs when converting your recordings to AVI format: H264, MPEG4, or VP8. Pick anybody you’d like! XRecorder makes it easier to use.

There is no watermark on this image (AdFree)

Watermarks, advertisements, and time limits are not present in XRecorder. You will have access to all of its features for free!

Instruments for Advanced Cropping and Trimming

XRecorder – Video editing software can easily eliminate unwanted bits of a video (for example if you need to remove your device dock at the top of a recording). You can also trim the movie’s runtime by removing unnecessary frames. You may accomplish all of this manually in XRecorder instead of relying on the automatic functions.

How to install download XRecorder for Android  

Now you can easily download XRecorder for your android device freely. Here you have to follow simple instructions. In the beginning, you have to download the  XRecorder APK file, and then it is easy to continue the process. 

Step 01. In the beginning, as above mentioned, you have to download the XRecorder APK file. For that, you can use a reliable download link. It is necessary to directly download it from the internet.   

Step 02. As the second step, open your device settings folder. Then you have to enable the unknown sources option. To enable this unknown source option go through the below steps. 

Settings > Security settings > Enable unknown sources. 

Step 03. Then you have to close all the open windows. After that, open your device download folder. 

Step 04. Now you have to open the downloaded XRecorder apk file. Tap on it and begin the installation. To continue the process,  agree with your application terms and conditions.

Now let the application to run and you have to wait several seconds to complete it.  To continue the process it takes several seconds. 

Step 05. Finally, you have done the process successfully.

Let’s begin screen recording on your android smartphone using this amazing application. Enjoy it.

Use XRecorder on PC

Xrecorder is the best app that is compatible with PC which mainly supports screen recording as well as video recording. This is a much more user-friendly application that anybody can just download and screen record through following the provided guidance.

If you are still worried about screen recording a smaller display on your mobile or tablet, you can just simply install the XRecorder app on your PC and enjoy working with the app on a larger display. You can just use your PC’s keyboard and mouse in gaining a full-screen experience such as your gameplay etc. This Xrecorder app is designed to offer you all the fantastic features that you have already expected of.

Xrecorder allows you to gain a nice experience in screen recording or video recording your PC’s display with no lags. This is comprised of easy setup options which are more user-friendly to deal with.


There are 02 main methods of installing XRecorder on a PC. They are,

  • Installing XRecorder in PC using BlueStacks App Player
  • Installing XRecorder in PC using Nox App player

Installing XRecorder in PC using BlueStacks App Player

  1. BlueStacks is an Android App player that supports for you to run Android Apps on PC. Following the steps given below will allow you to install any preferred App on PC with BlueStacks.
  2. Before commencing, you must install BlueStacks on your PC.
  3. To begin the process, first of all, you must launch BlueStacks on your PC.
  4. Once BlueStacks is launched, then click on My Apps button that is available in the emulator.
  5. Then search for XRecorder.
  6. Once you search for it, then you will see the search result for XRecorder App and you just need to install it.
  7. Login to your google account to download apps from Google play with BlueStacks.
  8. After you log-in, the installation process will begin. This process will totally depend on your internet connection.
  9. Then you will be able to work with XRecorder after the installation.
  10. There is another method of installing XRecorder using BlueStacks and that is getting the XRecorder APK file and installing it into the BlueStacks Android emulator. Here you can get the XRecorder APK downloadable file into your PC and install it into your PC Android emulator later.
  11. At the same time if you face any loading issue with BlueStacks, then just simply install the Framework software on your PC. And this will give solutions to your problems.

Installing XRecorder in PC using Nox App player

  1. You can install the XRecorder on your PC with Nox by following the steps mentioned below.
  2. First, you must install Nox App into your PC.
  3. This plays as an Android emulator and after the process of installation, just run Nox on PC.
  4. Then log into your Google account and tab searcher and search for XRecorder and install it on your Nox emulator.
  5. Once the process is completed, you will be able to see the XRecorder app installed on your PC and you can continue your tasks with it.

Installing XRecorder on your PC will make everything that you record through it smoother and more enjoyable.


  • Quick installing process and easy setup
  • Intuitive controls in XRecorder
  • No more battery limitations
  • No more disturbing calls and text messages
  • No mobile data restrictions
  • Ability to get a full and wide screen experience
  • User-friendliness in XRecorder

FAQs about XRecorder

Q. Is XRecorder a free app?

Yes, this app is absolutely free. You also can download the pro version of APK of this app and enjoy all the premium features for free.

Q. Can XRecorder record audio too?

Of course. This app supports audio recordings too. For example, you can screen record game plays with sounds.

Q. Is XRecorder safe?

Yes, this is a very safe app that provides more security on your screen recordings and it is available for you to download without any problem too. This does not require any unusual and unsafe permissions for running on your device.

Q. Can I record in full HD with XRecorder?

Yes, you can record your device’s screen in full HD if you prefer so. It allows you to record 1080p with 60fps.


XRecorder is the best app that allows you to capture smooth, quality, and clear screen videos and screenshots very easily and to quickly edit them by providing an amazing tool kit. With the app, you will never miss any live game shows and other moments that you think are important anymore.

This is an amazing app as it does everything that you want it to and more. Although this type of app usually is hard to set up, this appears very user-friendly. The basic free version is awesome and it allows you to do anything you need to, record, edit, and share say to youtube, no problem. Another great thing about this free version is, yes, it has ads. But they are far and few in between. So no hassle or headache with them.

XRecorder is the most convenient, trustworthy, and reliable app with the least (only the requirements for such an app) require access permissions that allow you to gain a wonderful experience in screen recording.

We are a well-dedicated passionate team, located in the USA. Our team is more concerned to drive your attention to the XRecorder App-related matters to enrich your basic knowledge on your App-related queries while providing you the primary guidelines since App installation.


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